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Today in art we made a sculptor out of clay.I made  a snow man I think I should name it. Please give your suggestions.

The Twits.

We are currently reading the Twits by Roald Dahl. I’ve read it before but I didn’t get very far. There is a man on youtube i forgot his name but he is reading it to us it’s really cool. We’ve heard that Mrs Twit has a glass eye and a walking stick that she use’s to hit animals. Mr Twit was a beard that he never cleans. I liked it a  lot I would recommend it to Mr P’s class.

From Jorja

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school house race

the houses school carnival  swimming race

we are  have a school carnival swimming race i wish it was today  the house names are potter  allen howard  i am in potter.





all about me

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all about me


Hi my name

is jorja i love to do gymnastics. i also love cats.  i have a brother and a sister my brother is in grade 2 and my sister is in prep she also loves frozen .i also love kfc. i also like to dance on my  birthday i always have mexican. i love to go skating  with my friends. my fav  town is paris my brother loves kratie my sister loves to be elsa i am excited  to be in grade 5 when i grow up i want to be a vet my favorite color is hot pink my goal this year is to now all of  my timetables

from jorja.


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