March 2015 archive

stop bullying day

Last Friday we had the anti-bullying day. We made video’s that shows not to be a bully and how to help and to make your school a better place. I have put a video on so that you can watch it to see what to do or to help. My reflection  on the day was to stop bullying.We watched behind the news and  we where learning that there is all sort’s of bullying.  imagine if you where being teased every day.Would you like to be hurt?

#Behindyou        From Jorja

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Jackie French

Jackie French has written a lot of books like picture story books and adventure I find she has written a lot of sad books.  I think she is a good writer because she gives good descriptions about her characters and where her setting is.  She also gives the reader some facts about the character and what they feel like.  I think Jackie writes for fun.  Before writers start their dream they always would spell thinks wrong. I have read one of Jackie’s books and I would like to read another one.

from jorja

bendigo pottery

In a month we are going back to the Bendigo pottery.This time we are going to paint a plate.there is only one problem i don’t know what to draw please give suggestions on what i could draw

from jorja