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WW1 group biography


we are doing some research on world war soldiers that went to our school.The whole five/six area had been given a name to research about click the link to look at we our men did.

Big thanks to mr lavas and mr miller for helping  and ms fits and mrs brunswick for organising that was only suppose to be a little task had turned in to a big task.



my writing piece

Its night i felt warm hands on my shoulders pushing me forward i didn’t want to go in there because its a cellar know one has been down there for centuries.The popular kids at Roven stale primary school are pushing me in it smells bad and its dark its like it a horror movie and then out of know where something will jump out at me.But when i went further in nothing jumped out at me.

I got pushed further then the iron door shut i don’t even know what cellar i’am or who’s it is for all i know i won’t get out i won’t  have any thing to eat and nothing to do whats my bed all these qwestians start rushing through my head of i   am going to get out but the good thing that i can think of is there is little bits of food and a little pillow.Its night i should probably go to bed.

The next day arrives i have to go to school i try and bust out but there is know way that i am going to unlock a iron door and escape when i bust out i will have to say i was sick but i could be in here for a month and i don’t even know if its the next day or its still night its that dark down here i am hungry i can’t eat all the food down here if i am going to be down here for a  month all of sudden i here some on calling my name i heard it again its not my house my house dosent have a cellar  but does my best friend have a caller YES! And it sounds like her i start banging on the door some one said who’s there maybe… i don’t know.


Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 2.25.40 pmWe have been reading once by Morris Gleitzman i think the book was amazing here is a picture of my character map. We started then so there will be more characters in the book as we go through.

from -Jorja

Eric bogle as if he knows

Its as if he knows what life will bring him with his brave hart.Time to say good bye to my old pal.we rode though shot and shell it was hell they brought us safely back with there brave harts.They lay on our Australian land.


There bodies  in our dirt there soul mates and will always be.We love them to hell and back.They will be our for ever more there like our family we will cherish what was bye our side every step of the way.The orders came no hourse  to return  we went home with out our trusty companions.our best mates with a bullet though the head.

from       – Jorja