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Vincent Linguari

Vincent was an honest and a passionate  man and he was respect full for what he already had.We wanted land and he tried  for years with out having  the land he wanted.His roof has a sheet and a mattress was another sheet and a blanked was a leaf.

His people found land and billed  a fence and in side the fence was there camping ground when he wanted land there was farmers on the land witch were a nother problem  but really the land was his.

One day it was all about to change he went to a palace the primminister and vincent had a discution on why he he can have land that took a little will before he made his mind up they walked over to some dirt and the priminister put dirt in vincent’s hand and said its all yours.

a some years after he got his land kevin rudd said sorry for what the white people did to the abirigonals.

from -Jorja

Once & Then

I think Zelda doesn’t care about her locket she love’s felix’s locket.Zelda doesn’t want to be a nazi she wants to be a jew.Zelda and Genia got the locket for felix to say we are a family and family stay together.

Zeldas locket has her father wearing a nazi uniform her dad is a nazi and her mum is a jew zelda doesn’t what to wear her locket because it has a nazi in it and felix has nothing but he is a jew and zelda is a nazi so they are different but zelda doesn’t want them to  be different zelda wants them to be the same. Zelda’s locket saved a lot of things.

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