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Bendigo weather research

Bendigo can get really cold with black ice on the road.

But have you ever wondered what the hottest day or coldest day was for Bendigo.Well I found  found that January was the hottest month this year.And June was the coldest it got down to 1.7 celsius  and it was this cold in the morning so that mean’s there was some ice on your front garden.The wet day was on January the first.It said for August the Average was 12.4 celsius is that hot or cold.

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 10.11.54 amBye from Jorja.h

Adam Goodes

Adam Goodes  is just a person he is the same as all of us.Just because of his skin colour doesn’t change anything.I think that calling racist names most of the people would not like it if they were called names it wouldn’t make you fell good.The people that where boo -ing should think how would they like it if they where called nasty  names but in a way people think he shouldn’t of done the dance but he is representing his culture  and some kids thought hime that dance in my opinion its like a victory dance.He is proud of where he came from or what background he has.It is disappointing that a 13 year old girl could say that some of the parents need to step there game up if there kids are coping.

from Jorja

p.s. It dosen’t where we came from or what we look like we are all still people.