Term three reflection

This term has gone really fast it was also a fun term we had mr palmers gym we did a  golf clinic  with Tony we have also had Fresh Faced Friday which is where you focus on positive body image it was also a big day for the five/sixes kids.We have also done soldier research and at the end we did a presentation.We have also gone to Weeroona a couple of times for some really fun activities we have also gone to Eaglehawk for a transition day we have  had the footy game but it is only for the sixes this was a really fun term.my class work has improved from the start os the term if i could change things i would probably work on my writing and make in a bit more interesting i would also really need to work on my stamina.I enjoyed ready once&then in maths we did fractions that was the best maths work i liked the most.

P.S. I would also change the footy game into five and six


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  1. msfitz3
    September 17, 2015 at 12:10 am (3 years ago)

    Jorj, can we make a goal for you together to work on adding punctuation and paragraphs so you work is easier to read?



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