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About Me

Photo on 12-02-2016 at 11.55 amHi i am the blog owner of Krazy Jorja.

I love writing so I  should be putting some of my writting on my blog.

My hobbies are Gymnastics Swimming Netball and watching YouTube.On YouTube I  watch Bratayley, Shaytards , and Smellybellytv. When I am not on youtube I will be at school.If its the weekdays.What i like doing at school is of course writing and I love doing sport.I also love hanging out with my friends and having sleepovers.When my friends are over I  love to go on the trampoline with them.

I also like having homework because at my school we don’t have much homework.The things that  I am exited about this year is turning 12, going to china (Team china) and just being in grade six and can’t forget having miss Fitz and mr Mayes as my teacher for 2016