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Photo on 12-02-2016 at 11.55 amHi i am the blog owner of Krazy Jorja.

I love writing so I  should be putting some of my writting on my blog.

My hobbies are Gymnastics Swimming Netball and watching YouTube.On YouTube I  watch Bratayley, Shaytards , and Smellybellytv. When I am not on youtube I will be at school.If its the weekdays.What i like doing at school is of course writing and I love doing sport.I also love hanging out with my friends and having sleepovers.When my friends are over I  love to go on the trampoline with them.

I also like having homework because at my school we don’t have much homework.The things that  I am exited about this year is turning 12, going to china (Team china) and just being in grade six and can’t forget having miss Fitz and mr Mayes as my teacher for 2016

Global Post Card

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A couple of week ago we started the global post card exchange. The whole class did it it was fun. We had to write about our home town so I put pictures on my post card of beautiful things in Bendigo. I really loved doing this activity and I sent it to Texas, USA, the country that I want to visit. I can’t wait until they receive it. We had just posted them two weeks ago.We have also got a couple of letters and we put them next to a map and used some string and pinned it from where the letter came from.

From Jorja

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Maths Term 4 Work ~START~ to ~FINISH

Image-1-2We Have been working on our new school plans to give to the planer people

I have learnt a lot of stuff about perimeter and area.I have learnt stuff like half a cm equals 1 m how to do the perimeter and how to work out.Working in a group was hard at times but easy other times we would have a disagreement but we would soon solve it when my partner left I had trouble starting when she had left but after a while I figured that the stuff that she said no to i could put them in, and my ideas.The maths part was hard doing the  multiplication at the start we proble needed to have so time to do it again but in the end we had time for mis fitz to help us.

from Jorja and Maddi thats on holidays


Freegans if you think they’re homeless people well your wrong they’re actually people who think waste isn’t actually waste. Freegans are finding treasure in other peoples trash they say it’s better then paying for your food from the super market freegans also say people chuck out food and others that are in perfect condition and can be given to the homeless and some of the things they find are worth hundreds of dollars. Freegans say the point of dumpster diving is so good things don’t go to waste and the food they find the wash them and make home cooked meals for either there families or the home less.
From Tahlia and Jorja

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