Term three reflection

This term has gone really fast it was also a fun term we had mr palmers gym we did a  golf clinic  with Tony we have also had Fresh Faced Friday which is where you focus on positive body image it was also a big day for the five/sixes kids.We have also done soldier research and at the end we did a presentation.We have also gone to Weeroona a couple of times for some really fun activities we have also gone to Eaglehawk for a transition day we have  had the footy game but it is only for the sixes this was a really fun term.my class work has improved from the start os the term if i could change things i would probably work on my writing and make in a bit more interesting i would also really need to work on my stamina.I enjoyed ready once&then in maths we did fractions that was the best maths work i liked the most.

P.S. I would also change the footy game into five and six


fractured fairytales by kamryn and Jorja.

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 9.23.25 am Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 9.23.17 amThis our drafts.

One day in France there was a little boy named Gold.He had short brown hair and sharp green eyes.Gold’s best friend was Jackie, she had long curly hair (it was blond)she also had piercing blue eyes.One day while Jackie and Gold where walking in the park to get  to little Blues house ,they found a little sweet tiger.”The little sweet tiger looked hungry” said Jackie so of Jackie went to the butcher to get some meat.

Jackie came back with the meat ,and then she gave it to the little sweet tiger”good bye” said Gold and Jackie and of they went to Little Blues house.They continued to walk till they got to Little Blues house! When they got to Little blues house Little blue asked if Jackie and Gold could go to the party ,Gold and Jackie said yes little blues Mum told the two friend to get in the car because they where going to the party.When they got there,there was loud music and a disco ball.Then they saw there best friends beauty and the beast.

They said hello and then beauty took Jackie to get her in to her Blondella costume she loved it! it was very sparkly and very shiny and beauty got got her beautiful gown for the play ”lady’s and gentle men I give you the party play beauty yelled every one clapped as the play begun Little blue had the tome of his life.At twelve o’clock the beat got uglier then ever before so he ran far,far away never to be seen again.Beauty ran of the stage to run after the beast.Little blue tripped over and broke his arm.Jackie ripped her dress and everyone could see her undies,so she ran home Gold stayed and then he was dancing with a girl called wierdella then….

really everyone lived happily ever after

P.S. here is a photo of the characters that we made

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 3.01.54 pmfrom Kamryn and Jorja

Bendigo weather research

Bendigo can get really cold with black ice on the road.

But have you ever wondered what the hottest day or coldest day was for Bendigo.Well I found  found that January was the hottest month this year.And June was the coldest it got down to 1.7 celsius  and it was this cold in the morning so that mean’s there was some ice on your front garden.The wet day was on January the first.It said for August the Average was 12.4 celsius is that hot or cold.

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 10.11.54 amBye from Jorja.h

Adam Goodes

Adam Goodes  is just a person he is the same as all of us.Just because of his skin colour doesn’t change anything.I think that calling racist names most of the people would not like it if they were called names it wouldn’t make you fell good.The people that where boo -ing should think how would they like it if they where called nasty  names but in a way people think he shouldn’t of done the dance but he is representing his culture  and some kids thought hime that dance in my opinion its like a victory dance.He is proud of where he came from or what background he has.It is disappointing that a 13 year old girl could say that some of the parents need to step there game up if there kids are coping.

from Jorja

p.s. It dosen’t where we came from or what we look like we are all still people.

Vincent Linguari

Vincent was an honest and a passionate  man and he was respect full for what he already had.We wanted land and he tried  for years with out having  the land he wanted.His roof has a sheet and a mattress was another sheet and a blanked was a leaf.

His people found land and billed  a fence and in side the fence was there camping ground when he wanted land there was farmers on the land witch were a nother problem  but really the land was his.

One day it was all about to change he went to a palace the primminister and vincent had a discution on why he he can have land that took a little will before he made his mind up they walked over to some dirt and the priminister put dirt in vincent’s hand and said its all yours.

a some years after he got his land kevin rudd said sorry for what the white people did to the abirigonals.

from -Jorja

Once & Then

I think Zelda doesn’t care about her locket she love’s felix’s locket.Zelda doesn’t want to be a nazi she wants to be a jew.Zelda and Genia got the locket for felix to say we are a family and family stay together.

Zeldas locket has her father wearing a nazi uniform her dad is a nazi and her mum is a jew zelda doesn’t what to wear her locket because it has a nazi in it and felix has nothing but he is a jew and zelda is a nazi so they are different but zelda doesn’t want them to  be different zelda wants them to be the same. Zelda’s locket saved a lot of things.

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 10.39.57 am

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 10.39.37 am


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